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Southwest One

Our prime concern was that the new system would enable Southwest One to provide a comprehensive, education-specific payroll bureau service, at an attractive price that our educational establishment clients could afford. Star has enabled us to do that.

It met all of our criteria as far as functional requirements were concerned, including being able to apply ‘pay spines’ – incremental progression of salary within a pay band – as well as dealing with multiple employments.

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A2+B Payroll

I think Star’s Bureau Management System module (BMS) is unique in the bureau marketplace.

The firm's search for the ideal solution led to Star Computers, recognising its capability to provide first- class software incorporating expat payroll, as well as a long-established payroll bureau management system.

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Deloitte & Touche LLP

Over the years, we have asked for several enhancements to be made for our ex-pat payroll use in particular which have proved to be very useful for normal payrolls. These have all worked extremely well and other suggestions we make are welcomed. It is good to know that Star listens to the users.

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French Duncan LLP

We wanted a payroll system that was a true bureau product. We wanted a payroll system that was market tested and had a history, was reliable, easy to use and capable of expanding with us; Star Payroll Professional met all those criteria.

In my opinion Star Payroll Professional is a winner.

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Hazlems Fenton Chartered Accountants

The improvement since changing from Sage to Star has been substantial. It is easier to use and there is greater functionality. The quality of output is better and quicker. Access to information onscreen or by report is good. Support has been excellent & quick (but used far less), which is vital as payroll is a time critical service. There is less related manual work involved, resulting in greater efficiency. Overall, we are able to provide better service in less time and with fewer problems.

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“STAR is still the best pound for pound payroll solution out there!”

Nick Butler, JC Payroll

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